“We are not giving up the fight for justice.” Carnegie Center remembers Breonna Taylor

Kentucky Black Writers’ Collaborative coordinator Claudia Love Mair said Breonna Taylor will be remembered at Saturday’s event, along with all the black men, women and children killed at the hands of police.

The opportunity to come together, mourn and heal is called At the Clearing, a reference to Toni Morrison’s book Beloved, from which Mair will read an excerpt.

“Baby Suggs gathers men, women and children into the clearing, which Morrison describes as a large open space dug deep into the woods. In the clearing, the people Baby Suggs has gathered can freely laugh, dance and cry without judgment nor fear of chastisement, and as they are affirmed and strengthened they are healed by the balm of his words.”

Claudia Love Mair, Coordinator, Kentucky Black Writers Collaborative

Mair says a spectacular art installation by Kiptoo Tarus will be unveiled and the community can add to it by writing down their thoughts, prayers, mantras, poems or protests. Dr. Shauna Morgan will read an original song created for the event and Markus Wilkerson will perform the original music.

“This isn’t just for people who are part of the Kentucky Black Writers Collaborative. This is for anyone who cares about social justice. I want us to come together, I want us to remember and I want us to move forward with some sense of resilience and triumph – that we don’t give up the fight for justice… It’s about us It’s about coming together to strengthen us as a community – as a black community, as an arts community – It’s about us, and trying to heal ourselves Now, keep in mind, putting pressure on the police and government officials is a kind of secondary gain. The main thing is that we come together to be together. We come together to remember her [Taylor] and to remember all those who fell into the hands of the police.”

Claudia Love Mair, Coordinator, Kentucky Black Writers Collaborative

At the Clearing is at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, this Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. Face coverings are recommended, food and beverages will be served, and the event is free and open to the public.

For more information, visit the Carnegie Center website or contact Claudia Love Mair at [email protected]

Elna M. Lemons