US Department of Justice offers $40 million for community policing – Conduit Street

On Monday, May 9, the US Department of Justice made available approximately $40 million in Community Policing Development (CPD) grants, as well as approximately $5 million for the Collaborative Reform Initiative.

Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta explained the purpose of the funds in a press release:

“Nothing is more important than keeping our communities safe,” Associate Attorney General Gupta said. “Every day, approximately half a million people across the United States call 911 for help and there are hundreds of thousands more daily interactions between law enforcement and members of the communities they serve.The funding we are announcing today is essential to the Department’s commitment to public safety and best practices in community policing.

DPC grants are intended to help law enforcement implement community policing by developing and testing innovative strategies, building knowledge about effective practices and outcomes, and supporting creative approaches to prevent crime and promoting safe communities. Funds from the Collaborative Reform Initiative will be used for targeted post-critical incident assistance, issue-specific reviews and analysis, and in-depth assessments of systemic issues that undermine community trust.

DPC grants will be used to:

  • Crisis Response Teams (CITs). Up to $10 million will support crisis response teams.
  • De-escalation training. Up to $15 million will support national-level de-escalation training for officers through regional centers.
  • Accreditation. Up to $8 million to expand state accreditation programs and help agencies achieve accreditation will ensure compliance with state and national standards, covering all aspects of law enforcement policies, procedures and practices .
  • COPS Microgrants. Up to $5 million will support local agency demonstration or pilot projects, known as COPS Microgrants. These projects offer creative ideas for advancing crime fighting, community engagement, problem solving, or organizational change to support community policing.
  • Training on tolerance, diversity and anti-bias. Up to $2 million will support the delivery of tolerance, diversity and anti-bias training for law enforcement officers.

Funds from the Collaborative Reform Initiative will be available for:

  • A sequel to the Collaborative Reform Initiative Technical Assistance Center (CRI-TAC). Established in 2017, CRI-TAC provides a wide range of targeted technical assistance services and involves a coalition of support and expertise from ten leading law enforcement actor organizations.
  • An update critical response. A law enforcement agency faced with a high profile event or other unique circumstance may contact the COPS office for the technical assistance they require.
  • Update Organizational assessments. This program will offer the most intensive form of support, involving in-depth assessments of systemic issues.

The application deadlines for CPD grants and Collaborative Reform Initiative funds are June 23 and July 8, respectively. Counties and other eligible entities can find additional information and apply for funds on the DOJ’s Community Oriented Policing (COPS) website.

Read the full press release.

Elna M. Lemons