Unifor Ontario Regional Council (ORC) Passes Resolution Against Contract Rollover

March 11, 2022 at 4:25 PM

Unifor Local 2002 is pleased to announce that the Unifor Ontario Regional Council overwhelmingly adopted our local’s resolution against reversal of contract. The motion was passed, with strong support, at the Virtual Ontario Regional Council 2021 which was held March 9-10, 2022. The resolution was brought forward by our Local 2002 delegates who are advocating for changes in legislation and demand that governments end the practice of contract rollover not just for airport workers, but for all workers. Today, we united in solidarity with all CRO delegates to pass this resolution.

Congratulations to all Local 2002 delegates and the Political Action Committee (PAC) who have been instrumental in mobilizing and lobbying for this important issue that affects many of our aviation members.

Special thanks to the following delegates who spoke at the ORC and who fully supported the resolution:

  • Wade Ireland – Unifor Local 2002 Financial Secretary-Treasurer
  • Saul Santiago – Unifor Local 2002 District 301 Vice President
  • Sonia Torres – Unifor Local 2002 District 356 Vice President
  • Scott Doherty – Executive Assistant to the Unifor National President
  • Anees Munshi – Chair of Unifor Local 2002 Political Action Committee

Context of the reversal of contract

The practice of contract rollover involves contracting out services and changing service providers every few years, in order to unfairly reduce the number of employees, reduce and stagnate wages, and limit employee rights . For example, each time a contract for an airport service rolls over, workers are then forced to apply for their jobs with the new company, often with significant pay cuts and reduced benefits. Under Canada’s federal labor laws, in foreign industries such as airlines, this practice is completely legal.

This practice is also used in provincially regulated industries to keep wages as close to minimum wage as possible. The Liberal Party had previously said it was “ready to study and, if necessary, correct any loopholes in the Canada Labor Code that could make Canadian workers vulnerable.” In last year’s budget (2021), they signaled their intention to pass legislation that would protect workers victimized by re-tendering (contract rollover).


  • I encourage all locals to support lobbying the government to create legislation that protects workers, especially when contracts are being renewed (Contract Flipping).
  • Write a letter to urge all respective MPs to support and use their position to ensure the government follows through on the promised legislation.

In solidarity,
Tammy Moore
President – ​​Unifor Local 2002

Photos of the 2021 ORC Virtual Delegates (left to right): Wade Ireland, Saul Santiago, Sonia Torres, Scott Doherty and Anees Munshi.




Elna M. Lemons