Two Rivers Regional Council offers gas cards to benefit recipients

QUINCY (WGEM) – Rising gas prices are hardship for everyone, but the cost can be especially difficult for those on a budget.

The Two Rivers Regional Council offers gas cards to help offset some of those costs, and they say they’ve seen an increase in inquiries from people trying to find out if they’re eligible.

Marketing coordinator Mark Schneider said that to get the gas cards you had to be enrolled in SNAP or TNAF, as well as the Two Rivers job placement or tuition program, but he said they made a few exceptions. for those who had just enrolled in SNAP or TNAF.

“If you got a new job here in the last week, even if it’s not through one of our programs, we can still help you get one of those gas cards for you. ensure you can get into your new job and make a paycheck and hopefully support yourself after that,” Schneider said.

He said program participants receive $30 in gas gift cards each month, distributed in $15 increments. Schnieder said those interested should continue to apply monthly. With gas prices rising, he said he expects to continue to see more people asking for them.

He urges those who think they need it to contact them.

“It’s going to help you do what you need to do, whether it’s getting your child to daycare so you can get to work, whether it’s getting to your classes so you can sure you’re going to get that certificate so you can start having a better career,” Schneider said.

Schnieder said he’s heard customers express frustration with high gas prices. He said they are seeing if they can increase the amount on the cards, but that is still being discussed.

If you want to see if you qualify for a gas card, you can call Two Rivers at 217-224-8171 and ask to speak with Elaine Davis and Carolyn White. They will provide further instructions and arrange a meeting with you.

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