Trial scheduled for woman who fled York County law enforcement | State and Area News

By the News-Times team

YORK — A woman who fled law enforcement in York County has been charged with criminal flight to avoid arrest and faces a maximum sentence of two years in prison if convicted. A jury trial was set for the end of May, as she pleaded not guilty to all charges against her.

Chance C. Moon, 25, of Lincoln drove a black BMW on Interstate 80 while a York County/Seward County Criminal Interdiction Task Force deputy participated in a ruse checkpoint at the exit from Bradshaw.

The deputy saw Moon exit at the Bradshaw interchange and turn south, drive down the country road and then intend to go further west. Due to a suspected traffic violation, the deputy initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of County Roads 9 and H.

The deputy says that in court documents there was a strong smell of raw marijuana inside the vehicle.

It was found that his license and the temporary vehicle tags had expired.

Another law enforcement officer arrived and Moon told the deputy she was on probation for a 2018 gun/marijuana case after being arrested on Grand Island.

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She was asked to get out of the car, but deputies were unsuccessful for about eight minutes as she refused to comply. Meanwhile, the deputy saw a quick loader for a handgun in the driver’s door. The deputy was halfway into the vehicle, attempting to turn it off, when the woman started the vehicle, nearly running over her foot, and she fled the traffic stop at high speed.

The deputies ultimately decided not to pursue her, for her own safety, and one deputy briefly and slowly followed a trail of dust for a short time in case she was wrecked on the county road and needed medical attention.

The deputy contacted Moon’s probation officer on Grand Island and was told that she ran away a long time ago.

An arrest warrant was issued and she was eventually taken into custody.

Elna M. Lemons