The Region: New information and registration for the trial period

As part of Ubisoft Forward, the publisher has once again shown new material for the upcoming free version of The Division: Heartland.

The Division: Heartland, a multiplayer shooter set in the Division universe in small town America, will be available in 2022-2023 as a playable title only for desktop, consoles and cloud.

The separate free game The Division features new playable characters in a rural setting away from the events of New York and Washington DC. Silver Creek was once a quiet Midwestern town, but has since grown into a country ruin.

You are a loyal agent of The Division from across the country responding to an emergency. If you fight with other trained agents, you will uncover the mysteries of Silver Creek and bring hope to small town-born America.

Red Storm are a team of veterans that they have worked with since the first division game. The developers want to produce the game in close collaboration with the community and carry out several testing phases, so that you can register on thedivision

Tom Clancys The Project. Development guide for the Heartland project.

Here’s some information to discuss The Division: Heartland in regards to where you’ll sign up for playtesting.

Elna M. Lemons