The Outer Banks Voice – Dare EM Director Pearson appointed to Regional Council

Dare EM Director Pearson appointed to Regional Council

By Outer Banks Voice on December 1, 2021

(County of Dare)

Drew Pearson, Director of Emergency Management for Dare County

Dare County announced that Gracia Szczech, the regional administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region IV, has selected Dare County Emergency Management Director Drew Pearson to serve on the Council. Regional Advisory Council (RAC) of the region.

The RAC is responsible for advising the regional administrator on many emergency management issues, such as identifying barriers to effective preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation efforts by sharing weaknesses while providing tips on how to implement improvements.

Pearson will bring the local government perspective as one of 12 RAC members from Region IV, which includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, as well as six federally recognized tribal nations. RAC members are selected from a variety of disciplines including emergency management, public health, emergency medical services, healthcare, law enforcement, fire, floodplain management and organizations. volunteers active in disaster situations.

“I am honored to have been chosen to serve the region – and, more importantly, County of Dare – as a member of the regional advisory committee,” said Pearson. “I look forward to joining a dedicated group of seasoned professionals as we provide guidance to help improve FEMA’s service delivery before, during and after a disaster, leading to a more resilient region and community here in the County Dare. “

Elna M. Lemons