Riga Regional Court again decides to keep ex-mayor of Ventspils under arrest – Baltic News Network

The Riga Regional Court has decided to keep the former mayor of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs in detention.

Previously, Lembergs defense lawyer Māris Grudulis had confirmed that he had submitted a request for his client’s security measure – arrest – to be replaced by house arrest.

Judicial reports received many such requests during the trial of the so-called Lembergs criminal case – all of them were rejected.

On February 22, 2021, the Riga Regional Court sentenced Aivars Lembergs to a five-year prison term, confiscation of property and a fine of 20,000 euros. Lembers was placed under arrest in the courtroom immediately after the verdict was read.

However, Lembergs appealed the verdict.

In accordance with the law of criminal procedure, if an instance of the court of appeal receives a request for the lifting or modification of a security measure, an investigating judge examines a complaint within the framework of a written procedure within a time limit. three working days. Where appropriate, the judge requests supporting documents and explanations from the person leading the proceedings or from the author of the complaint. Such an appeal can only be brought if the accused suffers from health or family problems which could be considered as a valid reason for lifting or modifying the security measure and as long as there are documents proving the condition.

The court decided to add to Lembergs’ sentence the period of time he spent under house arrest between 2007 and 2008.

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The court also ruled that Lembergs should pay the victims in the criminal case compensation of around EUR 64,000. The court also decided to demand legal costs of EUR 22,180 from Lembergs for the services provided by the court-appointed lawyer.

Lembergs was found guilty in 19 episodes and not guilty in 21 episodes.

Lembergs was convicted of bribery, falsification of documents, money laundering, falsification of services, illegal participation in real estate transactions, as well as reporting false information on income tax returns.

He was found not guilty of abuse of official power and violations of restrictions on state officials.

Lembergs’ son, Anrijs Lembergs, was sentenced to two years and one month in prison, as well as confiscation of his property. He was convicted of money laundering and aiding participation in prohibited monetary transactions.

Lembergs’ former business partner Ansis Sormulis was sentenced to two years in prison, as well as confiscation of property. Sormulis was convicted of supporting money laundering, money laundering and supporting participation in prohibited monetary transactions.

The court also decided to terminate the part of the criminal proceedings involving the criminal activities of the businessman from Ventspils Jurijs Bespalovs due to the statute of limitations. Bespalovs died in 2012.

The Riga Regional Court opened the trial in 2009.

Lembergs also ran and was elected in this year’s Ventsils municipal elections. He has not been banned from running for office because the guilty verdict has not yet entered into force.

Elna M. Lemons