Regional court offers BARMM provisional teachers a lifeline

CITY OF COTABATO: Education Minister Mohagher Iqbal announced on Thursday that the 12th Section Regional Court of Judicial Region (RTC) in the city had ruled in favor of the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Higher Education. technical (MBHTE) authorizing the regional executive department to propose employment contracts. temporary teachers and deal with dismissal issues. The MBHTE issued Order Memoranda # 154 and # 194-B on May 31 of last year, affecting around 828 provisional teachers. The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region Civil Service Commission in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) and the Bangsamoro Attorney General’s Office both claimed that the memoranda complied with Rule IV of the 2017 General Rules on Appointments and Other Actions. in human resources (revised in 2018). Under this rule, provisional or temporary appointments are only valid for one year. The provisional teachers concerned remained in their posts for almost or more than two decades. “Some say I am heartless to deprive these teachers of their livelihood. There is no truth in this, ”Iqbal said. Nonetheless, he added that if the provisional teachers were still willing and able to serve the children of Bangsamoro, they are welcome to join the ranks of the para-teachers of MBHTE or those who have been appointed temporarily on a service contract, with a salary. of 15,000 P. per month, in the absence of qualified teachers. To date, 435 provisional secondary and elementary teachers in the region have already signed their para-teachers contract after submitting a new application to the ministry. Of this number, 120 teachers are from Maguidanao 1 and 2, 143 are from Lanao del Sur 1 and 2 including Marawi City, 31 from Basilan, 29 from Sulu and 112 from Tawi-Tawi.

Elna M. Lemons