Ranson Police Arrest Fugitive of Justice | Journal-news

RANSON – Ranson Patrolman A. Hutcherson apprehended a wanted individual in Montgomery County, Maryland during a traffic stop Sunday.

According to the police report filed in West Virginia District Court, Hutcherson was performing speed checks on W.Va. 9 when he observed a vehicle moving west at about 80 to 85 miles per hour. . The officer activated the radar and locked the speed at 87 mph, according to the report.

In seeking to identify the driver, Hutcherson reported that said driver allegedly claimed not to have his driver’s license with him, but said his name was Saf’uyan Fouad Al-Bokiheity. Hutcherson reported that the name and date of birth given by the driver did not appear on the Maryland state record.

To offer assistance, Berkeley County dispatched an officer with a fingerprint reader who later identified the individual as Dawud Fouad Al-Bokiheity.

Hutcherson’s report said the driver denied that was his name and provided a fake social security number to prove his identity. This information could not be confirmed.

Al-Bokiheity was later placed under arrest for obstruction and speeding and transported to Ranson Police Department for processing, where he allegedly continued to lie about his name and date of birth.

During processing, Ranson Police Department Patroller Portner was able to locate Montgomery County court records on a person with the same name. After contacting the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Hutcherson obtained an operator’s license number for Al-Bokiheity which was suspended. Montgomery County also confirmed that Al-Bokiheity has an active warrant through his office for failure to appear for possession of a controlled substance.

Al-Bokiheity was transported to the Eastern Regional Jail to await arraignment for obstruction, speeding, suspended driving and fleeing from justice.

Elna M. Lemons