Ppi Albenga, green light from the regional council for an agreement with general practitioners: 12-month trial

Albenga. Green light from the regional council, on the proposal of the president and health advisor Giovanni Toti, Toagreement between the Liguria Region and Alisa with general practitioners for the12-hour experimental opening a first aid clinic for low-intensity assistance at the Santa Maria di Misericordia Hospital in Albenga, with the direct use of primary care and continuity care physicians affiliated with the regional health service.

“Today’s resolution follows the agreement of November 11 with the unions of general practitioners and approved on November 16 also by their Regional Standing Committee, – explained Governor Toti. – This solution has two objectives: first we remain determined to guarantee the openness of this strategic defense then, we provide citizens with a more effective response to their health needs for all medium and low clinical intensity health interventions, contributing to greater appropriateness of care and reduced inappropriate access to emergency rooms. In this clinic in fact, a series of services and services will be provided to ensure continuous support at the territorial level ”.

THE’agreement approved today also by the regional council ”it is among the first of its kind nationally: it is a very important challenge – continued Toti – of a change of system, in anticipation of the organization of the assistance in the area based on the Community Hospital and the Community Houses, whicht gives a fundamental role to general practitioners for the management of the emergency part of the continuity of care, according to the criteria set out in the Pnrr: the experimental system that will be tested in Albenga it will then be extended to other Community Hospitals of Liguria. The objective is to bring together all the low complexity of care in these territorial structures, capable of providing a more functional, more efficient response and also more suited to the citizens who may come to these clinics for all these benign pathologies. “.

The outpatient clinic, which represents the territorial unit of assistance to reference citizens, it mainly guarantees a filtering function compared to those of hospital emergencies, with patient care low complexity ambulatory and other patient pathologies, according to protocols shared with the Emergen serviceza Emergency of ASL2 Savonaise. He comes patient access via the Urgence-Urgence system is excluded (118).

Regarding the organization, thethe clinic will be open every day at 12 noon, ensuring the care and support of patients from laboratory analysis services, diagnostic imaging, presence of specialist advice, transport to another hospital for patients who need to be transferred, nursing staff, computer equipment and support staff.

The clinic reports to the District Management from an organizational point of view and to the Medical Management of the Hospital from the point of view of health and hygiene. Only general practitioners participating in the project have a single agreement or are associated with Asl2.

The participation is voluntary And it must not compromise the regular conventional activity of physicians involved with their customers. The agreement provides for a duration of the trial equal to 12 months, extendable and in any case until the implementation of models linked to the PNR.

Elna M. Lemons