Palm Springs quadruple murder retrial: toxicology, fingerprint experts testify

Key experts took the stand Thursday in Jose Larin Garcia’s murder retrial.

He is accused of fatally shooting four people in Palm Springs in 2019. His first trial ended in a deadlocked jury.

Forensic toxicologist Erin Crabtrey testified about whether drugs or alcohol were detected in the victims’ blood samples.

In Yuliana Garcia’s sample, no alcohol or drugs were detected.

In Carlos Campos Rivera’s sample: cocaine and fentanyl were detected.

In Jacob Montgomery’s sample, fentanyl and marijuana were detected.

In Juan Duarte Raya’s sample, fentanyl and marijuana were detected.

In Jose Larin Garcia’s sample, alcohol and marijuana were detected.

Crabtrey said it’s possible that someone with a blood alcohol level estimated by Larin Garcia to be between 0.147% and 0.157% is showing physical impairment and being mentally impaired, increasing the risk of “risky behavior” like jumping. of a moving vehicle or shoot. people.

Justice Department fingerprint examiner Corey Schroeder processed seven 9mm bullet casings in the case, but found no fingerprints on them. He said it could be because the body oils evaporated during the explosion produced by the gun.

Schroeder said he did not analyze a ziplock back in which a cartridge case was found inside the asset of Larin Garcia’s car. He said there was no request to process the bag.

The defense insisted that the casings were not asked to be analyzed for DNA.

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On Wednesday, the jury heard from a DOJ criminal lawyer and weapons expert who testified after examining the bullet casings from the scene that she believes they were all fired from the same weapon.


Jose Larin Garcia, a Cathedral City man, is accused of killing four people (ages 17-25): Carlos Campos, Jacob Montgomery, Yuliana Garcia and Juan Duarte Raya nearly four years ago.

Jose Larin Garcia, 23 years old

The four victims were all found shot on the night of February 3, 2019.

Three of the victims were found inside a car that crashed on Sunny Dunes and El Placer roads. The fourth victim was discovered on the street on Canon Dr. a few blocks away.

When the police arrived on the scene, they found Larin Garcia hiding under a truck. They say he appeared drunk and covered in blood.

Larin Garcia was taken to the Desert Regional Medical Center for treatment. Security footage shows him fleeing the hospital later that night.

Detectives testified that he then went to a friend’s house from whom he bought a one-way bus ticket to Florida using a false name. Prosecutors say he was preparing to flee – shaving his head and beard to change his appearance. He was arrested while waiting at the bus stop.

Larin Garcia is charged with four counts of murder. He also faces a special circumstance allegation of having committed multiple murders, exposing him to the death penalty if convicted.


A friend of Larin Garcia told the jury that the the accused showed him a gun and threatened to kill someone days before the murders.

A PSPD detective testified about the evidence she collected at the scene and the security video she recovered of Larin Garcia running out of the hospital.

A girlfriend of one of the victims spoke of showing police Facebook posts sent the night of the murders regarding the fentanyl drug trade at the heart of these murders.

Defense says man claimed responsibility for murders testified that he did not kill the four victims in this case.


Last week, a family friend who hosted Larin Garcia after his escape the of the hospital testified. The jury also heard from the investigator who arrested him later that night at an Indio bus stop.

by Larin Garcia mother spokerevealing that he called her the night of the murders and she brought him clothes and a cellphone after he ran away from the hospital.

Forensic pathologists testified the victims were all killed instantly by gunshot wounds to the head.

A friend of the accused spoke on a key phone call which she received from the defendant immediately after the murders.


The Jury understood a police investigator and a friend of some of the victims.

A hospital nurse who treated Larin Garcia as a trauma patient on the night of the murders testified that he ran of the emergency department.

A Palm Springs policeman testified the key to the defense argument another man fired the shots.

The jury was brought to the scene of the crimes.


During opening statementsDistrict Attorney and Assistant District Attorney Samantha Paixao asked the jury to hold Larin Garcia responsible for the four lives she said she stole.

Defense attorney John Patrick Dolan argued that another man, John Olvera, was responsible for the murders.

The jury heard some of the first people on stage after the murders, including neighbors who saw the bodies and the police officer who first made contact with the suspect.

Elna M. Lemons