North Atlantic States Regional Carpenters Council endorses Driscoll for Lt. Governor

In all transparency, the press release and the photo are from the Driscoll campaign


DORCHESTER — The North Atlantic States Regional Carpenters Council (NASRCC) has officially endorsed Kim Driscoll as lieutenant governor. The announcement of the approval took place at the Carpenters Training Center in Dorchester, where Mayor Driscoll joined apprentices and union leaders.

“The Carpenters Union is proud of its longstanding relationship with Mayor Kim Driscoll. We appreciate the time and effort she has put into understanding our industry, our members and what is important to us,” said Joseph Byrne, NASRCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer. “More than that, she has always looked for ways to help us improve the industry and the lives of construction workers. Mayor Driscoll is an experienced and effective leader who will make an excellent Lieutenant Governor. We are proud to support her and look forward to supporting her during the election campaign and at the ballot box. »

“I am honored to be endorsed by the members of the North Atlantic States Regional Carpenters Council, and I am grateful to them for their time and the stories they shared with me today,” said the Mayor Driscoll. “Unions like carpenters and so many others are laying the groundwork for generational change through sustainable career paths, access to quality health care and worker safety. Here in this training center, they are changing the lives of young women and men not only today, but for the long term. I support them and I am delighted that they support me in this race.

Over the next decade, Massachusetts will spend an unprecedented amount of federal and state funding to rebuild our roads and bridges, our transportation system, and invest in critical infrastructure projects. Kim Driscoll will ensure that the jobs created with this funding: pay family-supportive wages and provide good benefits; ensure compliance with all wage and working conditions laws; and creating opportunities for women and workers from underrepresented communities.

As Lieutenant Governor, Kim Driscoll will work with Maura Healey to:

  • Combat misclassification/wage theft here in Massachusetts and protect workplace standards and wages.
  • Work with unions and community organizations to ensure that state agencies prioritize the rights of working families and ensure that the next administration appoints officials to lead state agencies who understand this.
  • Work to meet the challenge of the opioid epidemic and ensure national settlement funds help those struggling with addiction.

This support builds on the broad coalition of support Mayor Driscoll continues to earn across Massachusetts through his proven track record as mayor of Salem for more than 16 years.

To date, Mayor Driscoll has won more than 250 public endorsements, including current and former State Representatives and Senators, Massachusetts city officials, labor unions, national leaders like Barbara Lee, and advocacy organizations like the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts.

The endorsements also follow Driscoll’s resounding endorsement at the Massachusetts Democratic Party convention in Worcester last June, where she garnered more than 41% support in a packed five-way race. The complete list of endorsers is available here.

The North Atlantic States Regional Carpenters Council (NASRCC) represents more than 28,000 carpenters, pile drivers, shop workers, and millers and groundcoverers working in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. There are over 800 active contractors who have signed agreements with the NASRCC, and more are signing every day.

Driscoll is Salem’s 50th mayor, the first woman to hold the office, and has been re-elected five times with significant margins for the position. Kim’s career includes work at Chelsea, as Chief Legal Adviser and Deputy City Manager, working to rebuild the city as it emerges from receivership by helping to usher in inclusiveness, fairness and accountability. In 2003, just three years into his term on the Salem City Council, Kim knew his hometown deserved new leadership and transparency at City Hall.

She won a tough three-way race in 2005, and since then Kim has led the issues that matter most to our neighborhoods — COVID-19 response and recovery efforts, improving the city’s public schools as president of the school board, supporting housing affordability, building economic empowerment by supporting small businesses, driving climate action and resilience in a historic beach community, and a commitment to racial equity and of inclusion at a time of national upheaval.

As a proud member of the “Get Stuff Done” wing of government, Kim has exemplified great leadership for Salem, our region and our Commonwealth. She is now running for Lieutenant Governor to bring that effective, equitable, and visionary leadership to Beacon Hill and empower the cities and towns of Massachusetts. You can learn more about Kim Driscoll and her campaign by visiting

Elna M. Lemons