Moreton Bay Regional Council Chooses Smart Satellite-Connected Water Sensors

Image: Optus

Moreton Bay Regional Council has deployed a number of IoT water tank sensors that eliminate the need to send personnel to remote locations to check water levels.

The sensors are connected via nanosatellites in low Earth orbit and are expected to save the council around A $ 20,000 each year.

The board partnered with Optus Enterprise and Myriota for the deployment, with Optus Singtel’s parent company having a stake in Myriota.

“As a board, we have made great strides in implementing smart technologies, from our AI road analysis system on garbage trucks to lane fault detection e-bikes, to no avail. name just a few, ”said Mayor Peter Flannery.

“These water tanks are essential for supplying water to toilets and other amenities in remote areas of our region, which are used by many locals and tourists every year.”

Further up the Queensland coast, the Livingstone Shire Council said last year it was testing smart lights to help confused turtle hatchlings.

Due to the street lighting around the area, sometimes when the hatchlings leave their eggs they may be disoriented, not find the horizon, and stray from the path they should take in the ocean. . Even after reaching the sea, newborn babies can sometimes be attracted to the lights.

The lights are connected to a LoRaWAN network provided by NNNCo, which was rolled out to the county in 2019.

On Thursday, Optus launched a feature in its My Optus app, dubbed Sidekick, that allows customers to ask their contacts to register with them.

“A lot of us can relate to that feeling of wanting someone to check in with us in a little while to make sure everything is okay, even though we can’t exactly determine why we are feeling this. Seem embarrassing to ask someone for that extra reassurance, ”said Kate Brodie, chief digital officer of Optus.

“Optus Sidekick can help you plan for a time when Optus will let your loved ones know that you want them to watch you, and will only contact you if that moment arises. We also found out that it’s not just women who may want to use Optus Sidekick, but also children walking home from school, people going out for a nighttime walk, and even an elderly neighbor who walks to the store alone. ”

A beta version of the feature is running on iOS.

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