Man pleads guilty to landlord’s murder days before trial begins

A 35-year-old York County man will spend the rest of his life in jail after pleading guilty to stabbing his landlord last year, according to the York Dispatch.

Brian Peters, Jr., 35, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder on Thursday, days before his trial for the murder.

Stones killed Robert Runkle, 65, at his home at 34 North Gotwalt Street in the township of West Manchester on the night of March 30.

A witness told police they woke up to the sound of screaming about two hours before the body was found, according to the York Dispatch. When the witness went to check the sound, he saw Peters holding a knife and standing over Runkle with a pillow covering his head, the York Dispatch said.

Peters then stole Runkle’s car and said he was leaving the area to “commit other crimes of violence”, according to the police.

Peters was wanted in connection with another homicide case in Brevard County, Florida, police say.

Police picked up Peters as the man was driving south on I-95 in Hanover County, Virginia. He was held at Pamunkey Regional Jail before being extradited to York County to face homicide charges.

Murder carries a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison.


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