Loumberah feedlot proposal rejected: Tamworth Regional Council votes against 999 head feedlot proposal as New Wales Lands and Environment Court appeal of the South looms | The head of the daily newspaper in the North


THE NEIGHBORS won their battle against a 999 head feedlot proposal in Loomberah. For the moment. Tamworth Regional Council (TRC) declined the proposal after more than an hour of controversial debate, as concerns over a potentially costly appeal to NSW Land and Environment Court by the developer or the community floated in the air. Rebecca Brady has owned the neighboring property for two decades and said it would have a significant impact on her family. “Personally, I remain concerned about the quality of life and mental health of the residents of the alley, many of whom… are just recovering from a very difficult time during the drought.” Councilors were torn between personal responsibility to the community and the obligation to make a legal decision about the project based on its merits and what is permitted under planning rules. Cr Glenn Inglis asked the board to consider postponing the decision until next year for an independent report. This suggestion was rejected. “Mister Mayor, do I think this is a good location for an intensive feedlot? No, I don’t think so, but under our LEP [Local Environmental Plan] it is allowed with consent, in fact this DA has highlighted pitfalls with our LEP regarding potentially offensive industries that may locate in inappropriate rural areas; especially traditional agricultural areas characterized by low density agricultural holdings, ”he said. Also read: “To complicate matters a bit, this project from day one was very poorly managed by the applicant; in particular by failing to consult and displaying complete disregard for the views of the local community. The council rejected the request on the basis of “inadequate information” in the environmental impact statement, citing an independent report by Dr Robert Banks. But, not all of the advisers were convinced that it was the right decision. Cr Russell Webb said he believed council had “shot themselves in the foot”, while Mayor Col Murray said it was a “recipe for disaster”. “I have very little hope of being supported in an appeal and I fear for the consequences of the residents there,” he said. “They may not benefit from terms recommended by board staff,” said chief executive Paul Bennett. the problem with denial is that staff would not change their professional mind if the matter went to court. we have a basis to defend the case if we end up in court, ”he said. “If it ends up in the Land and Environment Court, the advisers who have made a decision on a basis that they put before the board are the ones who will have to defend this, because the staff will not change their professional mind. provided to the board. “You must be able to go to court and tell them the reasons why you think this AD does not comply with these articles.” The promoter, Tony Haggarty of Goonoo Goonoo Pastoral Company, Did not make representations to the board at the meeting. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


Elna M. Lemons