Local Body Elections 2022: Northland Regional Council Appointed

Former Far North Deputy Mayor Tania McInnes is in a tight race for a seat on the NRC. Photo/NZME

By Susan Botting – Local Democracy Reporter for Northland

Former Far North Deputy Mayor Tania McInnes came second in a neck and neck race for a seat on the Northland Regional Council (NRC).

Saturday’s progress results showed McInnes only 45 votes ahead of the Bay of Islands – current second favorite in the Whangaroa General Constituency, Marty Robinson.

But the situation changed with the publication of the preliminary results on Sunday afternoon.

Robinson took the lead with 71 votes – a small margin between his current tally of 2,363 and McInnes’ 2,292.

Their close race is ahead of the confirmed final results, which won’t be out for another week or so.

McInnes is a newcomer to NRC, challenging Councilor Robinson from 2019-2022 in this general constituency. The 15,850 voters in the riding had their say with a turnout of 37.5%.

The change was the only upset between Saturday’s progressive results and Sunday’s preliminary results. The results will be finalized between October 13 and 19.

In NRC’s Kaipara General Constituency, Northland Federated Farmers Vice President John Blackwell currently ousted 2019-2022 Regional Council President Penny Smart.

Blackwell’s 3163 votes are only 228 votes ahead of Smart’s 2935. The 13,991 voters in the constituency had a turnout of 39.5%.

Progressive election results show that 2019-2022 NRC President Penny Smart may be absent.  Photo/NZME
Progressive election results show that 2019-2022 NRC President Penny Smart may be absent. Photo/NZME

The change prevailed in NRC’s Far North General Constituency, where NRC Vice-President Justin Blaikie’s 1,626 votes for 2019-22 saw him lose the single Electoral Zone seat to 2,551 votes. of former NRC adviser Joe Carr.

The participation rate was 37.3% of the 15,605 voters in the constituency.

In the NRC’s Whangārei Central General Constituency, Jack Craw was re-elected as the heavy favorite, his 3,992 votes eclipsing the 1,630 votes in favor of Tony Savage, the only other candidate for the single seat in the electoral area.

In 2019, Savage unsuccessfully challenged former Whangārei Mayor Sheryl Mai. The 15,556 voters in the constituency voted only 35.8%.

Meanwhile, in NRC’s North Central General Constituency, Geoff Crawford, winner of the 2022 Northland Ballance Farm Environment Awards, won the electoral region’s single seat with an overwhelming majority of 3,034 ahead of runner-up Lesley’s 1,161 votes. Adcock.

The 14,236 voters in this constituency made their voices heard with a turnout of 38.1%.

In NRC’s Coastal Central constituency, Amy Macdonald will continue as regional councilor after winning 4,303 convincing votes, 2,338 more than her closest rival and former NRC councilor Paul Dimery, with a 44% turnout out of its 15,404 voters.

Two new Maori electoral ward councilors are joining the regional council for the first time. All 25,174 voters in the NRC’s Te Raki Māori constituency voted in Tui Shortland and Peter-Lucas Jones – with just 22% of voters bothering to vote.

Meanwhile, NRC’s Rick Stolwerk was the only Northland local government councilor elected unopposed, to again represent the seat of Coastal South General.

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