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Amber Heard could face Australian rap for perjury

You may have heard that Amber Heard may have perjured herself during a trial for non-declaration of two dogs she took to the country in 2015. And if she did, Australia’s former agriculture minister says the book should be launched at the ‘actress.

Heard avoided conviction in the court case, held in 2016, but Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment is reportedly looking into claims the actor lied under oath at trial.

“[Biosecurity] is something very important to us,” said Barnaby Joyce Law & Crime Sidebar Podcast. “People come to Australia, and you don’t have screw fly, we don’t have rabies, we don’t have bovine tuberculosis, we don’t have brucelosis…

“My father was a veterinarian, and we spent a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of pain trying to eliminate these diseases from our country and we don’t want them back, and we don’t want new ones.

“In my area, if we got foot-and-mouth disease or rabies, people would go bankrupt. There would be people who would lose their homes. It’s so serious. If you lost your house, if you lost your income, what would you expect from the court?

“How would you see justice if you realized it was right someone who blatantly broke the law because they thought they were a bit special?

Joyce added that authorities should look into the role played by those around Heard, including former husband Johnny Depp, in any perjury that may have been committed.

“I hope that if this were the occasion for someone to perjure themselves, that first [there would be] a thorough investigation to find out if anyone knew about it, was complicit in it, gave advice on it. I think that should be investigated,” he said.

Elna M. Lemons