Hollywood man testifies against cop on trial for battery – NBC 6 South Florida

The alleged victim of a beating by police testified Friday in the battery trial of a Hollywood officer.

Raymond Schachner Jr. testified he was about to take a shower in August 2019 when Hollywood police broke into his father’s Cleveland Street home.

Matthew Joseph Barbieri, 37, is accused of using excessive force to handcuff the naked man and slap him at least twice before grabbing him by the throat.

Barbieri and his partner, Officer Dionte Roots, responded to a 911 call from Schachner’s father who claimed his son had taken heroin and was acting erratically.


Raymond Schachner Jr.

A home surveillance camera which recorded the incident on video was played in court.

Schachner Jr. is heard shouting and rambling unintelligibly before the police show up.

When Barbieri and Roots arrived, they handcuffed the naked Schachner Jr. with his hands behind his back and sat him down.

When Barbieri entered the bathroom to look for drugs, Schachner Jr. protested.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute. No one gave you permission to search the house,” Schachner Jr. hears on video. “There is no warrant, nothing at all. There is no permission.”

That’s when Barbieri is seen on video picking up Schachner Jr. from the floor, slapping him on the left side of his face and grabbing his neck as he slides down a wall to the ground. on the ground.

Barbieri is then heard on video telling him to “shut up” before punching Schachner Jr. in the side of the head and asking, “Now what? And now? Do I have clearance now?” reads the incident report.

Roots testified that Barbieri slapped Schachner Jr. to subdue him but did not choke him.

“His hand is on her neck, but he’s not choking her,” Roots said while watching the video in court.

Schachner Jr. is also heard yelling and pleading with officers to bring him some pants before taking him outside in a patrol car.

He was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital for a checkup before being taken to Broward County Jail.

At the time of the arrest, Hollywood Police Chief Chris O’Brien released a statement which read in part, “I was extremely disappointed and immediately relieved the officer of all duties service.”

Barbieri faces up to a year in prison if convicted. The trial resumes Monday.

Elna M. Lemons