Gulu town offers land for construction of regional appeal court :: Uganda Radionetwork

Alfred Okwonga, the mayor of Gulu town, said the land estimated at half an acre is located in the town center and originally belonged to the local government of Gulu district, but was recently transferred to the council. municipal of Gulu.

Gulu City Council offered land for the establishment of a regional appeals court.

The offer follows the Justice Ministry’s plan to establish regional courts of appeal in eight regions of the country with the aim of relieving congestion at the Kampala Court of Appeal.

Alfred Okwonga, the mayor of the city of Gulu, said the land estimated at half an acre is located in the city center. He explains that the land originally belonged to the local government of Gulu district but has recently been transferred to the city council of Gulu.

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Okwonga revealed that the Justice Ministry will have to wait for Gulu City Council to establish its Land Council before the land is transferred from Gulu District Local Government to Gulu City Council, and finally to the Justice Ministry.

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Jameson Karemani, spokesman for the judiciary, said the Justice Ministry’s estates department had previously visited the grounds. He says that during the current fiscal year, the Justice Ministry will establish two regional courts of appeal in Gulu and Masaka.

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The Kampala Court of Appeal currently has 8,700 pending cases across the country.

Karemani says the creation of regional appeal courts is aimed at relieving congestion in the Kampala court. He says that in the long term, each region will have a regional court of appeal with resident judges.

Loid Ocorobiya, an attorney for Ocorobiya and Company Limited, says establishing regional courts of appeal will help reduce the cost of seeking justice in an appeal.

He says that on many occasions their clients have found it very difficult to travel to Kampala to access appeals court services and that sometimes cases can take several years to reach the final judgment, financially draining their clients. clients.

Elna M. Lemons