FOGO and zero waste by 2050 Rockhampton Regional Council

Why FOG? Because it’s good for our local environment!

Putting organic waste in landfill is one of the Council’s biggest greenhouse gas generators, so it makes perfect sense to divert it from landfill and turn it into compost. This compost can then be used to improve local soils and benefit local farmers.

So, big shout out to our FOGO Trial fireplaces.

In 9 months:

  • You have diverted a total of 225 tons of organic waste from landfills, the carbon equivalent of the total annual carbon emissions of 15 households.

  • Households with GO service diverted 36% of their total household waste from landfills

  • Households with the FOGO service diverted 70% of their total household waste from landfill.

All of this organic material has been turned into professionally treated compost by NuGrow, a Gracemere-based company, and is already being used by local agricultural and landscaping companies.

Following a mid-term survey in our three trial areas, we’ve identified a few reminders below that will help make your FOGO experience a little easier and will have a positive effect on trial success.

Elna M. Lemons