Family seeks justice after teen was shot by Uber driver during altercation – NBC 6 South Florida

A mother seeks justice after her son was shot dead by his Uber driver during an altercation in Hollywood.

The incident happened Wednesday night just outside the Emerald Oaks development across from TY Park.

The friction began when 19-year-old Miles – whose mother asked to hide his last name – asked the Uber driver to drop him off at another nearby location.

Hollywood police said the teenager attacked the driver, but his mother, April, said it was not possible.

“He never fought in his whole life,” she said. “He barely weighs 130 pounds. He’s 19 years old. He doesn’t confront people at all. On the contrary, he’s like the peacemaker among his friends.”

Police say the Uber driver drove a short distance and then called police.

Miles was able to go inside the development, where his grandparents live.

A witness saw him on the ground and called 911.

The teenager is now at Memorial Regional Hospital and is due for surgery.

April said Hollywood PD detectives told her that when Miles got out of the car, the driver followed him and left the car as well.

“So why hasn’t the driver been arrested? Who is the assailant here, if he got out after Miles got out of the car?” she says.

Uber said in a statement that its policy prohibits passengers and their guests, as well as drivers and delivery people, from carrying firearms.

“What has been reported is concerning,” an Uber spokesperson said. “We continue to review this and are working to reach out to the parties involved. We stand ready to support law enforcement in their investigation.”

Police said the driver suffered facial injuries in the attack. He also cooperates with law enforcement.

“Uber has a policy prohibiting its drivers from carrying firearms. So what does it do with a firearm?” said family attorney David Kubiliun.

Elna M. Lemons