District Attorney Ramey speaks to Kiwanis about juvenile justice and the opioid crisis | New

REIDSVILLE — Rockingham County District Attorney Jason Ramey recently spoke at the weekly Reidsville Kiwanis Club meeting about how the county’s juvenile justice system works.

Ramey explained the procedures followed by juvenile offenders and how the juvenile court deals with juvenile cases. He further discussed plans to create a new youth court in Rockingham County, which would involve teens being involved in the trial of the real cases of their peers.

Such a court would hear cases including minor traffic violations, such as speeding, operating a stop sign, driving without a seatbelt, and other similar offences.

As punishment for such offences, minors may end up having to perform a number of hours of community service to have their charges dismissed.

Ramey also spoke at length about the drug epidemic problem in the county, state and nation, noting how difficult it is to catch dealers in drugs such as heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamine.

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Many times drug addicts who are arrested help law enforcement locate dealers, Ramey said.

He explained to club members that the opioid crisis set in when prescription pain medications were over-prescribed, leading to misuse and addiction. The number of drug addictions is very high in Rockingham County, he said.

The district attorney further explained how regional universities help educate inmates across the state while they serve their sentences.

These programs teach vocational skills to inmates who have committed serious crimes so that they will acquire vocational skills when they reintegrate into society.

The Kiwanis club meets every Thursday at noon at Main Street Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. Visitors are welcome.

Elna M. Lemons