couple from Charleroi will be tried for the murder of their baby | Local news

A couple from Charleroi will be tried for killing their infant son and hiding his body behind the wall of their bedroom.

Alan Wayne Hollis, 27, and Kylie Lynn Wilt, 25, both of 710 Lookout Ave., appeared before District Judge Eric Porter on Monday morning at the Washington County Courthouse for their preliminary hearing.

Charleroi regional police discovered the baby’s body on November 4 following a welfare check. The child was identified as Archer Hollis during Monday’s hearing.

Archer is believed to have died while the couple lived at 1005 Upper Crest Ave. in Charleroi. County detectives testified in Wilt and Hollis’ version of events, the body was wrapped in blankets and placed in a plastic crate.

They brought the crate with them to Lookout Avenue. Police reportedly found the infant’s body in the crate in a hole next to the couple’s bed, in front of which they had installed a dry wall.

District Attorney Jason Walsh presented several photos of the locker hole and Archer’s remains were kept in the crate. A message was written on the top of the crate: “I love you – Alan.”

Washington County Coroner Timothy Warco said the remains were “extremely decomposed.”

Warco said the body was sent to a medical examiner who determined Archer suffered multiple rib fractures while he was still alive. The fractures were in various stages of healing.

Warco testified that a cause of death has not yet been determined.

Wilt and Hollis changed their stories about what happened to Archer after their first talks with the police, according to several detectives who testified.

County Chief Detective Kiprian Yarosh said Hollis claimed he had not seen the child since February 2021 and was not staying at their Lookout Avenue apartment.

Wilt told police she discovered Archer’s body on a swing in the bathroom in February. She claimed he died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

County Detective Frank Mysza testified in a second interview on November 5, “Everything changed” in Wilt’s story.

She then claimed that Hollis was taking care of Archer after he coughed. Wilt told police she had not seen her child for seven to ten days and would eventually find him in the bathroom on Upper Crest Avenue.

Mysza said on November 10 that Hollis changed his story and claimed that he knew Archer had passed as early as December 2020 and that it was he who discovered the body.

When they moved to Lookout Avenue, Wilt said she put the crate in the back of the moving van, while Hollis claimed Wilt drove with the crate on her lap.

Walsh featured numerous text messages exchanged between Hollis and Wilt between September and November of last year. In the posts, they both referred to Archer in vulgar terms and complained that they couldn’t get him to stop crying.

In a post, Wilt reportedly wrote, “Dude, what’s the (expletive) his (expletive) problem.” I’m about to break his neck (expletive).

In a February text, Hollis referred to Wilt “crushing” Archer.

Dennis Popojas, who represented Hollis, and Katherine Bacher, who represented Wilt, at the hearing, both argued that the charges should be dismissed as there was no evidence that either was responsible for the death of their son.

Porter retained all charges for the court.

As he was taken out of the courthouse, Alan said he was innocent and loved his son. Hollis remained silent as she was taken to a police car.

Hollis and Wilt also face charges of the felony of endangerment of children and aggravated assault, as well as misdemeanors of concealing the death of a child, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice and abuse of ‘a dead body.

Both are being held in the Washington County Jail. An appearance date has not been set.

Elna M. Lemons