‘Clown killer’ murder trial delayed after ‘clown sighting file’ discovered

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — There’s a new delay in the notorious “killer clown” case.

A judge has agreed to once again delay the trial of Sheila Keen-Warren after new information surfaced about the murder of Marlene Warren.

It is a 25-page dossier of clown sightings compiled by the original investigators of the case. Defense attorneys say the file contains about “40 credible leads” containing names, addresses and phone numbers.

“Despite claiming to have exercised due diligence in researching this file, the state admitted that the ‘clown sighting file’ was in a box in his office,” the attorneys for defense in a court case.

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Wellington resident Marlene Warren was shot and killed in 1990 by someone dressed as a clown.

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Keen-Warren is accused of killing her lover’s wife while dressed as a clown in 1990. She was arrested in Virginia in 2017.

His lawyers argued they needed time to track down those leads, and a judge agreed.

Keen-Warren was expected to face a jury in the coming weeks.

Read the full motion to continue the trial:

Elna M. Lemons