Clark County Regional Justice Center

Project description

The Clark County Regional Justice Center brings together four justice systems within one facility. The 19-story, 710,000-square-foot complex houses the district, justice, municipal and state supreme courts.
The building echoes the traditional courthouse by offering a raised glazed entrance plaza, or civic plaza, which projects a strong identity into the street. A three-story glass atrium draws daylight into the heart of the building, a canyon-like area with indigenous sandstone walls engraved with quotes reflecting the universal concept of justice of various peoples and eras.
The base of the courthouse is designed to accommodate a wide range of public services in a “shopping center” of justice. The canyon creates an interior street, revealing individual agencies behind storefronts. Utilities with the highest volume of demand are located at the entry level.
In accordance with the design principles of modern courthouses, the Regional Justice Center is served by three circulation systems that separate the areas from the public, staff and inmates. Security is an integral part of the design of the courthouse.
To project an open image of the courts to the public, the building was designed to have a positive and welcoming presence, while carefully and unobtrusively incorporating state-of-the-art security controls into the building.

Elna M. Lemons