Board Meeting Update – April 12, 2022

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Here is an overview of the results of tonight’s regular meeting:

  • Councilors decided tonight to request an additional permanent one-year special variation to increase our rate earnings for 2022/2023 by 2%, including the existing 0.7% rate. A report to the Board explained how the Board is basing its long-term financial plan on a conservative rate peg of 2% each year, but IPART announced late last year that it would be 0.7% instead (based on a new model related to population growth). The report says that a rate anchor of 0.7% would result in lower Council general fund revenue of $514,610 in the next fiscal year, but a permanent special variation of 1.3% over a single year more the rate anchor of 0.7% would eliminate the shortfall in tariff revenue. The additional special variation – providing a total 2% increase in next fiscal year’s rates over the current fiscal year – is calculated to add $1.62 to the average residential ratepayer’s rate bill at Tamworth. A resident at the bottom of the assessed value scale will only feel an increase of $1.14 per week. For Tamworth businesses, the weekly increase ranges from $2.76 to $29 per week, with the average increase being $3.72.

  • An updated priority curb and gutter construction program was officially adopted this evening with 12 priority locations identified. The program places a higher priority on reducing the risk of stormwater flowing through commercial or residential properties. The program also signals that Council is moving away from asking landowners to pay half the cost of new curbs and gutters ($178 per metre). Instead, curb and gutter projects will be funded through an annual budget allocation of $100,000 as well as other funding sources. The report states that using this funding model, it is estimated that work at the 12 main sites could be delivered in approximately 8 years. JThe 12 priority locations are: Panorama Road, Calala; Hilda Lane, South Tamworth; Evans Street, Westdale; Denman Avenue, Kootingal; Hawthorne Avenue, East Tamworth; Murray Street, Tamworth; Florence Lane, South Tamwroth; Varley Avenue, East Tamworth; Iona Street, Hillvue; Carthage Street, East Tamworth and Mimosa Street, Manila.

  • A series of temporary road closures to allow Anzac Day marches and other commemorations to take place in the area were among the recommendations included in a report by the Tamworth area traffic committee which was endorsed by the advice. These include closures in Attunga, West Tamworth near the Gipps Street Memorial, East Tamworth near the Anzac Park Memorial Gates, several Tamworth CBD streets, Somerton, Nundle, Kootingal, Manila and Barraba.

  • Tonight’s regular meeting included one of the first steps in the preparation of the Council’s budget for the next fiscal year 2022/2023 with three documents detailing the proposed fees and charges which will form part of the annual operating plan which will be presented to the public. next month. Among the proposed 2022-2023 fees and charges are a series of changes to the fees charged for the disposal of waste at the Council’s waste management facilities in the region. The proposed changes include the introduction of new fees, an increase in certain existing fees and a decrease in certain existing fees. These changes were proposed due to increased operating costs; promote positive behavior change; and, to accommodate changes in the types of wastes disposed of at Council facilities and the resource recovery methods required for such materials. The draft annual operating plan will be on public display in May for 28 days, giving community members the opportunity to submit formal comments. A web page dedicated to access rights to waste management facilities has been created due to the number of proposed changes. To view all proposed fee changes and to submit official comments, users of the waste management facility can visit

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Elna M. Lemons