Bathurst Regional Council Candidate Questionnaire: Robert ‘Stumpy’ Taylor | Western lawyer

INTRODUCTION: The Back Bathurst team is led by myself, with Andrew Smith, Natalie Moase, James Connors and Scott Macallister also nominating their names. We operate as a group because we need local board members who have a proven track record of getting things done, who know what it takes to run and grow a business, and who listen to what taxpayers want from their board. . PRIORITIES: There are a number of major projects that have been talked about for years and need to be addressed. The first three are raising the wall of the Ben Chifley Dam and ensuring our long-term water security, having another river crossing built that runs along Rankin Street and planning to bypass heavy vehicles around town, making the CBD safer for residents. and giving the industry room to develop on the outskirts of the city. BIMC: We support it 100% in its current form. There is no question. Heritage and modern buildings can coexist – we cannot let Bathurst be heritage hostage and deny residents access to the services they deserve. WATER SAFETY: We’ve been talking about this for years – let’s move on to plans to raise the Ben Chifley Dam wall. Currently, there are approximately 7,250 backyard pools that sink over the wall each day. Imagine if we could save some of it for the future. We also need to continue with a range of other projects, such as more residential and commercial water storage, the Winburndale Dam pipeline, and water harvesting. RIVER CROSSING: Absolutely, that’s something we committed to from day one of our campaign. We were not late to the party due to recent weather – we have been consistent. It should run alongside Rankin Street parallel to Hereford Street. Detailed planning needs to be done, especially around land acquisition and alternative routes – and if there is a better option identified, let’s go. We cannot have this discussion in the next election. AMBULANCE STATION: This is an iconic building and should be available for the community to enjoy in one form or another. I would love to see it transformed into a restaurant or boutique hotel, a bar in the upstairs garden or an outside dining room. Either way, it deserves a new lease of life and has great potential to become a vibrant destination in the CBD. GO-KART TRACK: Yes, absolutely. I understand that the Club has an appropriate funding model that includes a loan, fundraising plan, and sports grants from both state and federal government. We have to support this project – don’t underestimate the boost it could have for the city and the iconic karting events that could be held there, given its co-location with Mount Panorama. Mount Panorama is a major force for our city – the most iconic thing in Bathurst since the Federation conference held at the courthouse before the 1900s. Let’s stop talking about the racetrack like it’s an inconvenience, it doesn’t is not. We must use our strengths to energize the city. There is so much potential here. CAP RATES: Absolutely not. I’d like to see the underutilized asset disposal plan and how we capitalize on private investment before I talk about rates. Raising rates is not the only thing city council can do to increase its bottom line. BUSINESS COMMUNITY: Let’s have an open dialogue with business owners. Too often, locals only hear about the council when it bothers them. This must change. We need board members who know the challenges the business community faces, who know what it takes to run and grow a business. That’s what Team Back Bathurst brings to the table. We will be taking these conversations with business owners in the boardroom. We will work to cut red tape, support the medical center to increase foot traffic, increase parking options in the CBD, and see how we can start filling the 70 vacant spaces in the city. WOMAN’S VOICE: Yes, they are. I am happy that Natalie Moase is part of our team, who is a successful local businesswoman. There is no doubt that we need more like her in the race and on the board. But I have to say that people in the community who are doing their own thing, running a business, focusing on their careers, would look at the last few years in the House and wonder why they should bother. Let’s bring some respect back to the board, show that we can work together to get things done, actually work on the expectations of the community – and then I think we’ll see a positive change in the caliber of people raising their hands. DIVISIONS OF THE COUNCIL: I denounced this behavior. There is a lot covered in the answer above, but on top of that, exceptionally, we decided not to prioritize others on the ballot. We stand in our own right, on our own merits. There are so many important projects that we need to undertake and we will need consensus across the House. We are all adults, we have to sort through the little culture that we have seen in recent years and be professional. The same goes for stakeholder groups – many of whom engage in heated debates, especially on social media. We need to raise the standard, treat each other with respect, and be prepared to negotiate. The community deserves better. FUNDING: My campaign is fully self-funded.


Elna M. Lemons