Animal cruelty lawsuit against Thandi Modise resumes in Potchefstroom Regional Court – SABC News

The animal cruelty trial against National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise will resume Wednesday morning before the Potchefstroom Regional Court in the northwest.

The case was sent back in December.

It started in 2014 when the National SPCA Council (NSPCA) obtained a mandate to inspect the 4.8 million rand farm animals in the Northwest Province after receiving a warning that cattle in the property had been abandoned.

Earlier, when Modise appeared in court, one of the witnesses, Ferdi Van Aswegen, said that when he was delivering feed to the farm in November 2013, he saw pigs munching on the carcasses of other people.

Van Aswegen alleged neglect of animals on the farm may have started seven months before the incident was reported to the media.

In 2014, dozens of carcasses of dead animals were found on the Modise farm.

Despite such testimony, the defense maintains that this case is politically motivated.

Modise pleaded not guilty to six counts of animal neglect.

But the prosecution has dismissed all charges and believes they have a strong case.

Other witnesses are expected to take the stand.

AfriForum is privately suing Modise on behalf of the NSPCA.

In December 2020, the animal cruelty trial of Thandi Modise continued in the Potchefstroom Regional Court:

Elna M. Lemons