2 shot dead: dad wants justice for his son | Additional News

A Couva man who aspired to be a member of the protective services was one of two men shot dead on Tuesday night.

Malik Harper, 24, from Aniesa Street, had hoped to join the Prison Service and work towards his goal, his family said.

Harper and another man from a nearby community – John Outram, of Mary Street – were shot several times. They died in hospital.

Harper’s father, Troy Harper, 50, said his son was killed innocently and wanted justice for his son.

“He’s an innocent man (Harper) who was shot. I hope I get justice for this. My son just started living. He was 24. They took my child’s life just like that “Whoever it is my brother, your day is coming. In time you will meet the father and he will take care of it. I am not a hunter. I am not a killer. I leave that in the hands of God. I will obtain justice through Jesus Christ,” the father told the media yesterday.

Harper’s sister, Shanyka Sennon, said her brother was not the target of the shots, but was the victim of the attack on someone else.

The father lamented that criminal activities are out of control in the country and that his family and many families are mourning the loss of loved ones.

“Everything has gone haywire. It’s out of control. The place is not governed properly. The crime situation is the worst thing. I’m not saying this because it happened to my child but there are other people who go through the same thing almost every day,” he said.

The shooting incident took place in the yard of a house and a car garage in Aniesa Street, located opposite Harper’s house.

On Tuesday afternoon, Harper was watching a movie with Sennon and her husband when he told them he would be back soon, and walked through the garage where a group of men were hanging out.

Shot: Malik Harper

At around 6:30 p.m., a man armed with a gun was seen at the side of the house and garage, and moments later gunshots rang out.

Harper was shot twice in the chest and Outram was also punched multiple times.

heartbroken family

Sennon said that when she and her husband heard the shots, they hid in the house.

A few minutes later, they came out and saw his brother bleeding on the ground.

They called an ambulance, but thought it was taking too long to arrive, so they put her brother in their vehicle and drove to the Couva district health facility.

The Couva police took Outram to the hospital.

“Malik was not the target. We had no problem with the company he held. Everyone on the street lives like one. This is not a neighborhood where people fight. We didn’t expect something like this to happen,” she said.

Sennon recalled that her brother was still conscious when she went to him.

“He was just moaning. I spoke to him. We put it in the van. We took him to the hospital and the doctors tried everything but he didn’t wake up. He received two blows to the upper chest. Everyone says the other guy is the one the person came for. He was just a victim of events. I think two other people were grazed,” the sister said.

Sennon said she and her family were heartbroken.

“I don’t know how to feel. I do not know how to react. It is very heartbreaking that my brother was the victim of this. I never saw that coming,” she said.

The Express attempted to contact the Outram family for comment, but got no response.

Agents from the Region III Homicide Bureau also responded and are continuing to investigate.

Elna M. Lemons